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Optimized C++ ebook download

Optimized C++. Kurt Guntheroth

Optimized C++

ISBN: 9781491922064 | 400 pages | 10 Mb

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Optimized C++ Kurt Guntheroth
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

Generally speaking, there are 6 steps for the performance optimization with Intel ® C++ Compiler. When compared to C, C++ has some features that worsen efficiency if used inappropriately. / Od disables optimization, speeding compilation and simplifying debugging. Anyway my question is more general: How do I start optimizing algorithms/loops/ for_each/etc. TMS320C55x Optimizing C/C++ Compiler v 4.4. /O2 optimizes code for maximum speed. Can anyone help me to optimize this bubble sort program? Get a handle on optimizing floating-point code using the Microsoft Visual C++ ( version 8.0) method of managing floating-point semantics. Literature Number: 3.3.2 Optimization Considerations When Mixing C/C++ and Assembly . Discusses ways in which the Microsoft® Visual C++® compiler can optimize source code for speed and size and tells why code size matters. This is an approximate transcript of my talk at Facebook NYC on December 4, 2012, which discusses optimization tips for C++ programs. /Ob controls inline function expansion.

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